In the hands of an expert, cabinets are works of art which bring your dream kitchen to life. The staff expertise and experience at Cambridge Kitchens Mfg. are the most critical factors in achieving a great design. Cambridge Kitchens Mfg. is dedicated to meeting your wants through elegant designs, while still satisfying the needs of your everyday life.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cambridge Kitchens Mfg.

Our goal is to devote time to every customer in order to exceed expectations and we understand that this is only achievable through our:

1. Experienced Creative Team‚Äč

2. Highly Skilled Craftsman

3. Elegant and Affordable Designs

4. Premium Quality and Durable Materials

5. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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About Us

Made in the USA - Long Island - N.Y.

Cambridge Kitchens Mfg. is the leading manufacturer and distributor of premium lifestyle products for your home. For more than 20 years we have been catering to a range of homes in the entire tri-state area, from the average residence to luxury estates.

With your vision and dream combined with our creative and dedicated team, we can utilize your spaces in the most effective manner and come up with intricate and luxurious designs that you can be proud of...

Cambridge Kitchens Mfg. Inc.


Founded: 1993

Owner: Nick Vassi

Certifications: Kitchen Designs  


Areas of expertise:  High-end Custom Kitchens. Media Centers, Libraries